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Work Experience in London for our students

In September 2014 a new two-year project financed by the European Union was started at our school. This project, which is part of Erasmus+ programme, will make it possible for our students to experience two weeks of working experience in London companies. As the whole project is financed by the EU it is going to be free for all participants.

This project was conceived with the main goal of providing students and recent graduates of our school the unique opportunity of work experience abroad. It is going to offer them knowledge and skills which it would be very difficult to obtain in the Czech Republic. The participants will improve their qualification and thus also their chances in finding a job both in the Czech Republic and abroad in the future. We also hope in their increased motivation for education and work.

There are going to be 12 students of the 3rd form of our school participating in the project and the opportunity for joining is also going to be offered to our recent graduates. The project is divided into two cycles with work experience in spring 2015 and 2016. During the work experience the participants are going to be employed in London companies. A part of the project is a wide scale preparation of the participants before the work experience itself which is going to take place both in the Czech Republic and in London. The preparation is going to include vocational, language and culture courses and it is going to try to help the participants of the work experience in the beginning and during their stay abroad. The project is going to be implemented by our school and ADC College in London.

The main goal of the project is mainly significant increase of the participants’ language and professional skills and knowledge as well as their increased self-confidence and motivation for further studies and work. In the next years we are going to apply for the same grant again and thus continue in offering this unique opportunity to our students.